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About us

AMBUREADY is dedicated to providing accessible, reliable, and high-quality medical assistance. With an extensive fleet and a wide-reaching presence, we ensure prompt and dependable emergency response services. Our comprehensive services include Emergency Medical Transportation, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Oxygen Cylinder-Ready Ambulance, Mini Ambulance Service, Air Ambulance Service, and Train Ambulance Service. At AMBUREADY, we are committed to ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all. We stand by you and your loved ones, offering support and care throughout your healthcare journey. We are available for calls 24/7, ensuring that you can reach us anytime at 7002067082.

What we need to do ?

In emergency medical situations, it is crucial to remain calm and act quickly. Panicking can hinder your ability to think clearly and respond effectively. The first step is to call for professional medical assistance immediately. AMBUREADY provides 24/7 emergency ambulance services to ensure that you receive prompt and reliable medical support when you need it the most. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, keep the patient as comfortable as possible, do not give them anything to eat or drink, and follow any instructions provided by emergency operators. Remember, timely medical intervention can save lives. Trust AMBUREADY to be there for you in critical moments, ensuring swift and professional care.

Integrated Medical Assistance Solutions

24/7 Emergency Response
We ensure a rapid and reliable emergency response service to address critical situations at any time of the day or night .
Comprehensive Medical Transportation Services
Our well-equipped ambulance fleet serves the entire Guwahati area, ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of patients to medical facilities.
Versatile Medical Support Services
Committed to reliability and compassion, we strive to be your trusted partner for a range of medical services in Guwahati, Assam


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