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About Us

Ambuready - North East's Largest Ambulance Network

Ambuready, boasting a fleet exceeding 150 plus ambulances and operational in all over north East, is committed to delivering swift and dependable medical aid. Our services encompass ambulance assistance, telemedicine, and more, ensuring comprehensive support for you and your dear ones throughout your healthcare voyage.



Emergency Medical Transportation
We prioritize swift and dependable emergency medical transportation for those requiring urgent care. Our ambulances are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring top-tier care during transit. Rely on us for prompt, efficient, and expertly outfitted emergency medical services, customized to address your specific needs and concerns.
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Our non-emergency medical transportation services are designed for individuals requiring regular transport to medical appointments or between healthcare facilities. We focus on comfort, reliability, and punctuality to provide a stress-free experience. With trained staff and well-equipped vehicles, we ensure a safe and secure journey for all your medical transportation needs.
Oxygen Cylinder-Ready Ambulance
Our oxygen-equipped ambulance services provide essential medical care for patients needing oxygen support during transport. Staffed by skilled medical professionals, we prioritize safety and comfort, delivering critical attention throughout the journey. Rely on us for dependable emergency services that ensure your well-being, addressing your specific medical needs with expertise.
Mini Ambulance Service
Our mini ambulance services are perfect for delivering medical assistance in narrow or hard-to-reach areas where regular ambulances cannot go. These vehicles are equipped with essential medical equipment and staffed by trained medical professionals, allowing for a rapid response to emergencies in these locations.
Air Ambulance Service
Our Air Ambulance Services offer swift emergency medical transport by aircraft. Outfitted with advanced medical facilities and staffed by highly trained professionals, they ensure the rapid transfer of critically ill or injured individuals to medical facilities, particularly in situations where ground transportation is impractical or time-sensitive.
Train Ambulance Service
Our Train Ambulance Service provides rapid and efficient emergency medical transport. Staffed by skilled professionals and equipped with advanced medical technology, we ensure swift transfer of critically ill individuals to medical facilities. Our priority is timely response and specialized care, addressing the urgency of medical situations.

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